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Residential PVA, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter

Do you need a Facebook phone-verified account, also known as a Facebook PVA? 5 year’s old. That’s exactly where can help, as we’re here to assist anyone who’s looking to buy Facebook PVAs. 

We’re the first Facebook PVA (phone verified) accounts seller who used residential IP address during
 Facebook accounts registration. All Facebook accounts are manually made from individual IP address
  in the cities from different countries. 

We do sell Facebook accounts with your own languages.

24 Hours Delivery

48 Hours replacement warranty

24 hours quick support

Facebook Accounts Packages & Prices

Buy Facebook accounts with us today! We offer Premium packages and farm accounts which are suitable for paid ads.
Our residential PVA Accounts are the best for your business manager advertisement.


Residential IP made


  • New Registered fb
  • linked with @gmail
  • 24 hours delivery
  • targeted country
  • with active cookies
  • 48 hours replacement warranty


Residential IP made


  • Linked with email
  • Registered -5 Months
  • 24 hours delivery
  • targeted country
  • with active cookies
  • 48 hours replacement warranty

Business Gold

Residential IP made


  • Link with email
  • 24 hours delivery
  • targeted country
  • with active cookies
  • 48 hours replacement warranty
  • 1-year fb-profiles

Premium Gold

Residential IP Made


  • 5 Years old PVA
  • List of friends
  • Complete profile & bio
  • 24 hours delivery
  • target country
  • with active cookies
  • 48 hours replacement warranty

with Marketplace

Residential IP Made


  • Easy to use
  • With Marketplace
  • Complete profile & bio
  • 24 hours delivery
  • target country
  • with active cookies
  • 48 hours replacement warranty

Farm Accounts

Residential IP Made


  • 1 farm accounts
  • Mail access -@gmail
  • able to create business manager
  • friends and activities
  • Complete profile & bio
  • easy to access via mla
  • 24 hours delivery
  • with active cookies
  • 48 hours replacement warranty


We register our Facebook PVA account in a tedious way, we alter the fingerprints, cookie storage, images, settings to keep an eye
of the possible detection of our account activities.

We make sure that our device is suited to the new algorithm that is on focus of identifying the user activities,
as they know that the most users have been using mobile network and home- internet network are the real account user’s,
so we decide to provide residential made Facebook, Instagram, twitter, LinkedIn, google accounts.

Czech Republic

Dominican Republic 

United States
United Kingdom

Russian Federation


Hong Kong


If you have planned to buy Facebook accounts with real friends, or buy Facebook account with marketplace,
and aged Facebook phone verified accounts with friends, and others not mention either new or old accounts.
Please use follow our recommendation below to avoid identity verification during the login process.

  • Recommendation - Use clean proxy, 1 account must be used 1 Data-center/Residential IPV4 or IPV6 and Mobile data proxy, follow the instruction on how to access the cookie and user agent-switcher
  • Browser extension - Install the required addons to your browser to prevent the dns leak, Stay away from the radar, hide you real IP address, disable webrtc, fake your canvas, webgl and font's etc.
  • Do not use if the account's location is in the United States, while you're going to login using European IP address. The account's and the IP address location must be the same no shortcut to avoid the roadblocks.
  • Option 2 - Use home internet or mobile data, you can open hotspot from your phone in order to connect the other device in your mobile data network, you can access multiple accounts in different device using residential IP's.
  • Follow the rules of engagement, you must have plan to protect the accounts from roadblock, be patient you'll need some time wait to get started, there are Limitations of using them do not rush to click the add friends, join groups, etc.
  • We suggest to watch at least 15 minutes videos, the best way to gain trust in your account is spend time to watch or play, do not do anything during you're first day of login the account, just watch videos and do not engage anything stupid.

What is the benefits of using PVA for business
advertising on facebook?

Individual users can also benefit from a PVA, as it will enable you to use mobile offerings, which include friend request notifications, groups & wall posting updates, status update notifications. Our PVA store features manually-created accounts.A phone-verified account is a must-have for developers, programmers and advertiser as you cannot create new ads or apps until you’ve verified your account by phone registered via residential servers

  • To Create Web Presence

The essence of having a business Facebook at all is to project your business brand to the world, but if you are doing this with an ordinary Facebook account, it’s a long time before you can get the web presence you need. With a Facebook PVA, you can easily get your business in the face of people.  Facebook PVA helps to get attention and more engagement, which ultimately means your customers will keep multiplying every day. You get new audiences and more groups every day!

  • Higher Rating on Search Engines

Facebook PVA projects you beyond Facebook. It also helps you to rank high on search engines. The new audiences and more engagement you get from using a Facebook PVA for your business don’t go unnoticed. When a large number of Facebook users visit your page, it automatically gives your business a high rating on search engines.

  • Online Promotion

Promoting your business via Facebook PVA can boost the result of your online promotions. Let Facebook PVA be your online business promoter to boost your credibility and maintain steady business growth.

  • More Traffic = More Sales

With Facebook PVA, you get more customers to your business every day. You get an audience that is always looking forward to the fresh product and services you have to offer each day. When running your business with a Facebook PVA, traffic is organically enhanced for your business.

  • Preferential Treatment

If you have a Facebook PVA for your business, you can do so much to enhance your business growth and attract customers with it. You have the opportunity to send more messages to your customers daily. You can also utilize many web advancement offers which you can dedicate to marketing your business online. With a Facebook PVA, you do not have to worry about your account getting obstructed or banned because it is beyond a regular Facebook account.

Facebook is the largest social media platform that you can use to project your business to a large number of people across the world. As a business owner, you need to be very apt about how you can maximize Facebook for your business. To make this happen, you need a Facebook PVA.

If you are running a Facebook page for your business, then a Facebook PVA is highly important. Facebook PVA creates a positive impact on your business with immediate effect. The goal of every business owner is to record great profit, Facebook  PVA is the finishing element every business owner needs to achieve this.

Getting a Facebook PVA should be your concern at this point. However,  you have to be selective about your vendor. For an effective and high success rate Facebook PVA, Residential PVASTORE is a credible and reliable vendor you should patronize.

Residential PVASTORE is all about giving you the opportunity to have your business goals achieved with a Facebook PVA. We have the best prices compared to anything you would find around. We also have various packages to suit every business type.

Why You Should Choose Residential PVASTORE

At Residential  PVASTORE, we have a great reputation for what we do. We sell Facebook PVA that has a high success rate, so you can be sure that your business goal of getting more customers and more sales will come easy. We provide you with special and customized Facebook PVAs. Residential PVASTORE is the first PVA seller to offer an IP address according to your Geo-location.

Now you can take the world by storm! Boost your business success by getting a Facebook PVA from Residential PVASTORE today.

Frequently ask Question

PVA stands for Phone Verified Account . It is better to your account verified by a phone . It will take some restrictions and your pages have less risk of being banned or blocked for several reasons . It will be safer for advertising platform.

You can activate the extra layer of security of the account, enable the second authentication if there is unauthorized device who trying to access the account, It will help facebook recognize your account as e a real user.

We usually deliver the order within 24 hours,  If you order below 20 profiles, maximum of 48 hours if you ordered more than 20 profiles.
If you purchase on weekend you’ll expect the account in the next working day, the details will be send to your email address and if not receive after that time please contact us.

Noted: Please check your spam folder within that time to avoid such delayed receiving the accounts.

Every account have unique session cookie stored in our browser’s. So If your browser support for the cookie import then you can access the account without using access email and password. Only business and business gold packages have this features

This is the safest way to access the account when you are using to another device. Once the cookie is generated you have the ability to restore the account current session once you import to the browser.

Some of accounts under premium gold packages are registered from our previous privat data-center proxy provider, The currency may different sometimes because of hiding the real locations, facebook cannot identify the actual GEO-location of the IP address that maybe the reason why the currency is different

The number is not available in each account to avoid re-verification in the future, they are still secure because we replace the number with a valid email address. 
We removed the mobile number because they are old accounts and they are strong enough to hold our activity even without phone numbers, Our reason is to avoid future problem like sending six digit codes to the expired numbers. It is hard to lost our fan-page, groups, followers when we are require unlock the account using the same number. So, to avoid the problem in the future we minimize the losses by removing the expired numbers to the account itself.

If you want to know the account is real Phone verified try to register as app developer as you cannot create new apps or custom url if the account is not phone verified.

Choose our farm accounts if you are looking ready to use active for 5 months, we make a set of test ads accounts using our own farm accounts  & give us 80% success rate in the USA and Netherlands.

However if you are looking cheaper account but may need additional activity usually business gold account is the most popular for the paid advertising because they are in good quality, for business and business gold we do additional activity like adding more history in the activity logs,  But we cannot give any guarantee that all of our business gold & Premium accounts are working for long running ads.

We have available accounts with fan-pages attached, the images are generic and the pages category is assorted

Can I spy news feeds ads?
Choose our farm account to get relivant news feeds ads. However you cannot use our business gold to spyads because don’t enough activity yet

It depends in your device and IP address, We suggest to use residential proxy and clean browser or app before joining in the marketplace buy and sell feature, If you are not sure of what you’re doing please contact us so we can help.

Usually the account ask to secure with mobile numbers however you can simply update the email or password, These accounts are already verified by a real phone numbers before, we do not add new phone number again and again when they are expired.

It is guaranteed time limit to check the account quality and to match the need of your business, Within this time If you are unhappy or if they are different, mismatch information on what we advertise to our website you can ask full refund or replacement if we made a mistake. Refund will be made within 24 to 48 hours after the request we received.

Once the guaranteed time limits expired, we are no longer responsible to any damages.

Depends the situation, If you already used the accounts or you’re not able to return in all working accounts, we still able to send a refund however minus the account that you locked on, Please we advice do not use the account if you’re not sure of what you’re doing, contact us if you need assistance.

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