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Setup a Page, create new BM, start your first Facebook ads.

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We deal Facebook accounts for paid advertising demand.

Manual Registration

The quality of our Facebook accounts is perfect, made by hand, top quality.

Json Cookies, token

We provide Facebook accounts cookies supported browsers, google chrome, Firefox, Jarvee & MLA.

Setup with Fresh IPs

100% fresh residential IP, one IP, one Facebook account per registration.

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Timezone & Currency

Our Facebook accounts are 100% match the country time zone & currency woldwide.

100% Complete Profiles

We filled up the current address, bio, photos, in every Facebook accounts.

Active & Ready to Use

Once you receive the accounts, setup proxy & import the cookie, you're ready to work.

Aged Facebook Accounts

Available to purchase, Facebook accounts registered last 2014 - 2018, Email verified, 2FA activated, Json cookies.

BM – with Custom Audience

We manage multiple business manager, hundreds of stocks are ready to deliver with custom audience Facebook BM.


Marketplace features on Facebook is FREE for selling cars, houses, etc. We have stocks for listing your products instantly.

Farmed Accounts

Buy Facebook accounts, we farmed for 3 months, actively open everyday, it comes with friends, activities.

Pricing and Features

You will receive the accounts login information, including cookies, username
and passwords that are 100% working on your devices. Buy Facebook farmed account if you are looking an instant business manager access.


Residential IP made

$2.00 / PVA


Residential IP made

$3.00 / PVA

Business Gold

Residential IP made

$5.00 / PVA

Premium Gold

Residential IP Made

$12.50 / PVA

with Marketplace

Residential IP Made

$20.00 / PVA

Farm Account

Residential IP Made

$30.00 / PVA

High Success Rate

farm accounts, premium gold & marketplace will get high success rate.

Fast Delivery

once you buy facebook account with us we will deliver within 24 hours.

Payment Guarantee

nothing to fear, your purchase is cover with our 48 hours return policy.

All available GEO-location of our Facebook account's

Dominican Republic 

United States
United Kingdom

Russian Federation


Hong Kong


Required Proxies

Use clean proxy, 1 account must be used 1 Residential and Mobile Internet connection. Follow the instruction on how to access the cookie and user agent-switcher

Browser extension

Install the required addons to your browser to prevent the dns leak, Stay away from the radar. Hide you real IP address, disable webrtc, fake your canvas, webgl and font's etc.


Do not use if the account's location is in the United States, while you're going to login using European IP address. The account's and the IP address location must be the same no shortcut to avoid the roadblocks.

Option 2

Use home internet or mobile data, you can open hotspot from your phone in order to connect the other device in your mobile data network, you can access multiple accounts in different device using residential IP's.

Follow the rules of engagement

you must have plan to protect the accounts from roadblock, be patient you'll need some time wait to get started, there are Limitations of using them do not rush to click the add friends, join groups, etc.


We suggest to stay active least 15 minutes a day, the best way to gain trust in your account is spend time to watch or play, do not do anything during you're first day of login the account, just watch videos and do not engage anything stupid.

Frequently ask Question

Facebook account has been verifying using real phone numbers. (PVA) stands for PHONE VERIFIED ACCOUNT. Facebook required to verify the account using a mobile number to make the Facebook account more reliable & secure. Also, it will be safer for paid advertising for your business.

You can enable the (2FA) sms authentication if there is unauthorized login attempt to the account, It will help Facebook to recognize your account as a real user.

If you buy Facebook accounts with us, and suddenly Facebook will ask 2FA (SMS Two Factor Authentication), contact us so we can provide real-time support for the re-verification of your facebook PVA.

Our Facebook PVA accounts come with profile and cover photos. We suggest saving the profile picture for future photo verification in case, Facebook will ask.

Using Residential IP address will make your accounts authentic, so Facebook knows that using a residential IP address will inform Facebook that you’re a real user, at home.

We usually deliver the order within 24 hours; if you purchase during the weekend, our team will send it to your email address in the next working day, and if not received after that time, please contact us.

Every account has a unique session cookie stored in our browser’s. So If your browser supported for the cookie import, then you can access the account without using access email and password.

It is the safest way to access the account when you try to open the Facebook PVA to another device. Using the cookie, you can restore the account current session after imported to the browser.

Because we avoid Facebook re-verification in the future, the phone number should be removed from each account because they are already expired.

Because we use a data-center proxy of our previous Old facebook PVA registration, the exact location is hidden, and Facebook cannot identify the precise GEO-location of the IP address so the currency may differ.

Yes, they are working for paid advertising. We suggest buying the Facebook farmed account, which is ready for paid ads, and it has a business manager already. However, if you purchase Facebook accounts that do not have activities yet, they may not work instantly.

A Facebook account that has been used daily, active, and interacting like a real Facebook account user.

Our default, if you purchase Facebook accounts, the proxy is not included. We give the Facebook account & email information only. However, the exact account location is base on the current city of the profile.

No, we do not sell proxy IP addresses because it is against the provider users’ policy. However, if we may have the same provider, you can access the IP address.

Yes, you can buy Facebook accounts with a marketplace in the United States, Germany, Italy, Spain, United Kingdom, Singapore, Canada, and many more counties.

It depends on your device and IP address. We suggest using residential proxy and clean browser or app before making a new listing in the marketplace. If you are not sure of what you’re doing, please contact us so we can help.

It is a guaranteed time limit to check the account quality and to match the need of your business. Within this time, If you are unhappy or if details are different, you can ask for a full refund or replacement if we made a mistake. A refund will come within 24 to 48 hours after the request we received.

Once the guaranteed time limits expired, we are no longer responsible for any damages.

Depends on the situation, If you already used the accounts or you’re not able to return in all working accounts, we are not able to send a refund, Please we advice do not use the account if you’re not sure of what you’re doing, contact us if you need assistance.

No, you cannot create a business manager using newly registered Facebook accounts, our Facebook PVA under starter is not working for business manager creation.

Yes, you can create ads using our starter packages. However, we do not recommend to use a newly registered Facebook account for paid advertising.

Yes, all facebook accounts under starter packages are phone and email verified.

No, the Facebook account under this package doesn’t have a business manager.

No, our Facebook accounts under business packages do not have friends. The Facebook account has photos and covers with complete personal information.

Yes, we will give you a discount once you reach the number of Facebook accounts that you purchased with us.

Yes, however, you will need to farm the Facebook account for three weeks before you can create a new business manager under the business package.

Yes, you can use the Facebook accounts for paid ads; however, if you make the Facebook ads right after you received the Facebook account, maybe the Facebook ads will not work.

You can buy Facebook accounts with marketplace under marketplace package, and we do not sell facebook account with marketplace access under the business gold account.

No, If you buy Facebook accounts and use it to create a business manager, you cannot create a business manager. You will need to use the account for a few days before you can make a business manager.

Yes, exactly, you can create Facebook ads using our premium gold accounts. However, we recommend activating your Facebook ads in the business manager to get the highest approval.

Yes, you can create a business manager using the Facebook account under premium gold. However, you will require to open the account for one week first before Facebook, allowing the account to create a business manager.

Yes, you can buy Facebook accounts with a business manager under facebook farmed package. Another option purchase a Facebook account that is ready to create a business manager.

Not all our Facebook business managers have been enabled the custom audience. However, we can provide a business manager with a custom audience.

No, we do not sell Facebook accounts that have active ads running; we only sell Facebook accounts that are ready to use for Facebook ads.

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