Buy a Facebook Business Manager

Looking for a Facebook account with a business manager?. With our 2FA Authenticated Facebook accounts are really safe for advertising. It easy to access the account via scan and go 2FA-qr code.

Facebook - BM's

You'll Get 1-BM with Profile
$ 30 One time Payment
  • Farmed facebook accounts
  • The Profile have Friends and Activities
  • 24 hours delivery

Facebook - BM Invite

You'll get direct access to a Business manager via invitation
$ 15 One time Payment
  • Spend limit is $50
  • Admin invitation with backup link
  • 24 hours delivery
Hours Delivery

Farmed Accounts

These are 2018 Facebook accounts, manually made, not a hacked, etc.
It comes with BMs, secured with 2FA, email is valid, friends list, activities minimum is 1 month.

The spending limit is default. The BM has no activities you will warm up it.

How to buy?

Follow the order button, the process is manual, certain tools we may require before we approve
the order. However, if you wish to use with your owned ways we approve the order within few minutes.

Store Policy

Our help and support usually reply within few minutes, except night time.
Each Facebook accounts we valued, farming manually, we do not allow our accounts will get disabled in your side.
So, we do not give replacement if without proof. 
Asking a replacement must have video recorded as a proof when opening our farmed accounts. 

Follow our recommendation when using the accounts specially if farmed.
If you are excited to buy, make sure you have the mobile and residential IP address,
If not, you will  buy addon Mobile LTE Proxies to bind the  Facebook account.   

Buy these accounts on your own risk, if you are not a risk taker do not buy.
Once you paid, we are no way to refund your money.

To avoid confusion, Our Skype and Telegram below:

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