Residential PVA Store

We are the first Facebook accounts seller who used mobile SIM and residential IP address during account registration, all Facebook accounts for sale are (Phone Verified Accounts) they are manually sign up from an individual IP address in the United States, Singapore, Spain, Germany, Sweden, Mexico, Italy, Hong Kong, Bulgaria, and other countries around the world.

We know that is hard to start from the beginning when our Facebook account has been flagged and Facebook will not allow us to use the account again, So if you need another Facebook account that’s exactly where can help, as we’re here to assist anyone who’s looking to buy Facebook accounts (PVAs) for business advertising need. We recommend to buy Facebook old accounts with marketplace, friends and business ads manager.

We can offer you up to 6 year’s old Facebook accounts, they are created in a tedious way, we alter the fingerprints, cookie storage, image settings to keep an eye of the possible detection during the registration process, as they know that thousands of fake Facebook profiles are now counterfeit the real accounts browsing behaviors. If you are looking accounts to spy ad, spying other user’s activities please contact us first.

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