There are many people who engage online job by making social media account and sale massively world wide. However, those accounts they sell are registered from low quality IP address  and the results are bad, most well known business manager advertiser do not after  the cheaper account because they knew that will hurt their business profit.

Making a quality facebook account is required a clean IP address or proxy & better activities everyday.  The process is too time consuming because you will wait for 5 months to make the account seasoned. 

Starter Facebook Accounts​
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Facebook account management

These are the best process to manage facebook account for business manager account creation.

Residential IP address – Common IP address are good for the account because real person are using this IP address anywhere in the world. however, If you manage multiple accounts comes from different countries you will need to buy dedicated IP address to maintain your accounts safe.

Facebook Watch –  Do you know that if you watch videos from facebook watch will give you huge score to informed facebook that you are a real person? imagine if you complete 3 videos everyday and react after you watched the account performing like a real user.

Watch Live Stream – Additional factor to increase the account quality is to interact the live stream, participate like a real user since facebook will know that all video streaming videos are useful to their users and most people who watch are using real account.

Play Games – Find your favorite games and play at-least 3 games everyday  for 7 days and play after 7 days  3x a week until the account successfully gained number of trust.

100 Friends goal for 3 months – minimum friends to make you qualify are 100 do not care who are those people as long as they are all real to make your profile look like real person when someone stalk your timeline.

Create your own business manager

Once the account meet the expected quality you will be able you to create business manager in your account. Make sure that you are the owner of the account to make sure your business is secured, we do not suggest to stay using default password and email address from we provide during your purchase. 

Our store is not liable of any losses of your account or business manager, make sure that you will secure the password and recovery email before adding your payment information. 

First timer using Facebook ads

If this is your first time, learn on how to start making your fist ads in your business manager. I grab the opportunity to tell you this, do not advertise using boost post because that is a killer ads, everything well if you start making your first ads using business manager not a personal account, in previous years we experienced  a lot of stress why our ads will massively flagged from unknown reason. Using business manager  is the safest way to manage facebook ads.

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