Three to five months old, facebook accounts Register using a residential Ip address,
and All they have complete information.

Facebook manual registration
The quality of our Facebook accounts is stable, manual creation, and verification.
Registered Residential IP Address
We made from the individual residential IP address, indeed, match device time zone & unique browser fingerprints.

All the Facebook accounts under this package are reliable with a high rate of success, and you can change the account password anytime.

Price and Features

With 48 Hours Money Back Guarantee.


If the problem occurred, you could reach us 24 hours a day, and we will give you all the best to fix your issue asap.

Fast Delivery

After we verify the payment is received, we immediately process your accounts, and you’ll get the Facebook PVA less than 24 hours.


After you receive the Facebook PVA, if found mismatch to expected accounts, you can ask a refund within 48 hours.

Hours Delivery

How the Facebook PVA works?



If you have completed the payment, you are eligible to receive the Facebook PVA with 24 hours.


Delivery via Email Address

The Facebook PVA deliver via an email address, we strongly recommend using a valid email address.


Login the Facebook PVA

Our Default is opening the Facebook PVA using active cookies. The cookie comes with a JSON format.


To meet our order's approval, you will need to buy at least 10 Facebook accounts. If your payment does not fulfill the minimum order, we'll notify you that your order is not approved.

All Our Facebook accounts once they are purchase by our customers, we are not reusing or resell again in the future; we are honest with integrity seller that want to be your long term facebook accounts supplier.

Yes, of course, we are giving 48 hours replacement warranty of all the Facebook accounts have purchased in our store, make sure that you have reported the problem before 48 hours to a claim a replacement. Beyond 48 hours, we cannot give you a replacement.If you have additional questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Yes, We suggest to use these following.

  • 4G Private Proxy and Residential Proxies
  • Virtual Device or Browser with own fingerprint and privacy protection
  • To bypass the identity verification, Use the account cookie, there is no need to use username & password during first access.
  • Do not add a friend to someone that you do not know, Do not post repeating content to all the facebook accounts you have,  in the first time.

Yes, basic farming is the best way to keep your accounts active. Do these following processes every day.

  • Complete at least one game every day, or watch videos, open messages chat, connect with your Facebook accounts friends.
  • Use the same browser to search and visit any website to keep the cookie, cache, and history active because they track you all the time.
  • Use this same network IP address.


We guarantee that all our Facebook accounts are outstanding quality, the results may depends in your actions, Noticed that the most Facebook accounts are getting banned because of the IP address. To avoid identity verification, we strongly recommend to use only one IP & one Facebook account. If you have a question, please let us know.

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