Starter Facebook Accounts - Phone Verified

Buy Starter Facebook accounts, New Facebook Accounts , Real Sim Card Verification & Fast delivery.

Starter Facebook Accountsโ€‹

Manual Registration

Manual Registration with an email or phone number, you can buy starter Facebook accounts from the USA, Europe, Russia, Asia, and China.

Residential IP Registered PVA

Itโ€™s made from individual residential IP address certainly match device time zone & unique browser fingerprints.


All the accounts under this package are reliable with a high rate of success, and you can change the account password anytime

Price and Features

With 48 hours money back guaranteed


If the problem occurred, you could reach us 24 hours a day, and we will give you all the best to fix your issue asap

Fast Delivery

After we verify the payment is legit, we immediately process your accounts, and you’ll get the PVA less than 24 hours


After you receive the starter Facebook accounts (PVA), if found mismatch to expected accounts, you can ask a refund within 48 hours

Hours Delivery

Well, these Facebook accounts usually worked to any location’s without login problems, because we captured the session cookie, you can re-store the session after you import the cookie to your browser, you can import the cookie via extension supported in firefox and google chrome.

Our recommendation

1. Private and Residential Proxies.
2. Virtual Device or Browser with own fingerprint and privacy protection.
3. Use the account cookie, and there is no need to use username during first access.
4. Do not add a friend to someone that you do not know in the first time.

Farming Basic

1. Complete at least one game every day, messages of the account friends.
2. Use the same browser to search and visit any website to keep the cookie, cache, and history active because they track you all the time.
3. Use this same network IP address

All accounts are in outstanding quality. The results will depend on the quality of your action or the IP address. If in case you will notice after a few hours of using the account will ask identity verification.

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